About me and my "cups of tea"

Hello, my name is Ieva - it starts with an “i” and is a Lithuanian version of Eve. I started as an outlet to share my creativity, ideas and pretty much everything that is on my mind. 

My university degree states that I am an architect, but I am not one. It stayed as a source of inspiration, rather than career path after realising that this is just not my kind of scale. Or - not my cup of tea. On the other hand, all the graphic work, composition and model making were things that I enjoyed and I was the kind of person who thought that good quality paper is the best thing in the world. Right now it is a piece of good fabric that makes my day. 

Fashion came in after I moved to Portugal in 2010 and felt free to follow my old passion. I started studying fashion design in Lisbon and that led me into working with local luxury wear brand where I’d got to be a part of every stage from design, production to retail. I kept myself busy reading, sketching, constructing garments and that gave me a whole new understanding of what quality fashion is. Today, I have my own studio/atelier filled with amazing fabrics, great music for background and thousand ideas to realise. Let’s see how it goes. 

In addition to the above, I enjoy photography and capturing daily moments is part of my life, so I always keep my camera close. And to complete the image, I have to mention my “other side” that has nothing to do with art, but is very much into motorcycles, cars, cycling and sometimes surf. Does that make any sense? Totally.

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Ieva Gedvygaite

Ieva Gedvygaite


Bimba y Lola modal t-shirt, Bimba y Lola skirt, Longines Saint-Imier Collection watch.


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