About IEVA

Ieva is Lithuanian born photographer living in Portugal.
She has "worn many hats” - has a degree in architecture, studied fashion design afterwards, was mastering couture craftsmanship working with luxury brand, opened her own atelier for custom designs. She fell into photography on her very first trip to Portugal, for which she bought her first DSLR camera and never let it go. Simple images taken of her family and friends has been noticed and she found herself taking up offers to photograph editorial content for small local brands. As for an architect, it felt natural to start taking pictures of buildings and interiors and it quickly led to assignments for hotels and designers.  Her clients include Sheraton Cascais and The Luxury Collection Pine Cliffs Resort, her photographs of food has been published in TimeOut, Visão, EvasõesCorreio da Manhã and Sábado.
Ieva uses both natural and artificial light in order to capture the best of the subject in focus, depending of what is appropriate. 
When she is not shooting, she's either playing Padel Tennis or walking somewhere beautiful with her Weimaraner dog, camera in hand. 


Photographer Ieva Gedvygaite.