That is my much anticipated yearly trip to London, my fashion “olympics”, my greatest source of inspiration. I am a fan of any fashion documentary, I watch interviews with designers or anybody inspiring way more often that cute kitten videos on youtube so you can only imagine how great is to actually be in the same room with Isabel Marant or have a word with Alexa Chung about couture. It’s fabulous. This was my second year at Vogue Festival and even though I kind of thought that topping off last year’s line up would be difficult - they did prove me wrong. So how does Vogue Festival look like and what is it about?

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AW 16/17 TRENDS - ModaLisboa

Then it comes to fashion trends - one can always choose wether to follow or not. It is a common mistake to think that trend is synonymous word to “rule”, but fashion never really has rules or boundaries - it is entirely your own show. Trend is no more than mutual vision reflecting in number of garments, it is rather suggesting an idea than giving you advice of how to be cool this season. At least this is how I like to think about it. 

As ModaLisboa has closed its doors till next season, here is a list of ideas how to update your wardrobe for the next autumn/winter. 

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ModaLisboa - SANGUE NOVO

The first day of Lisbon Fashion Week started with SANGUE NOVO - a fashion show of young designers selected to this year’s edition. 9 designers had to present a small collection of 10 outfits, based on their vision for AW16/17 season which would have a chance winning a permanent place to showcase future collections at ModaLisboa and sell at ComCor - Lisbon’s well known concept store. The other lucky one would be selected to represent Portugal in the next edition of FashionClash - held in June, in Maastricht.

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