Difference between Style and Fashion

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We are all very fast to judge ones appearance. It somehow became genuine to human’s nature and some of us does it more, some - less, but it’s inevitable. And try to tell someone that you work in fashion industry - you’ll be judged on your attire and he/she may roll his/her eyes. Especially, if that someone is also “into fashion”. But fashion and style are completely different terms. 

Fashion changes, but style endures. - Coco Chanel

You can be into fashion without a great personal style. Fashion is temporary, it changes with every season(at least). University professors (not all) that teaches fashion design for example - they know loads about the industry, but in terms of looks, some of them would easily blend into crowd of IT faculty. Fashion is trends, garments, even new habits etc. - it’s about what is going on. 

When we talk about style - it’s totally different thing - it is very personal. For me, let’s call it a “stylish person”, is someone who mastered his look effortlessly. You don’t have to like it, but if you remember - it might be “it”. Could be a silhouette, could be a type of dress or fabric pattern, shape of reading glasses, hairstyle or other thousand things, but it must be genuine to that person. It has a lot to do with self-confidence and this is something that most of us don’t have, we rather choose to copy, to be “inspired by”. When I think of those who has it, fist names that come to my mind: Iris Apfel and Lily Gatins - very different women, but both extremely unique. 

The purpose of this blog was in a way to find my genuine style aesthetics through practise and research, to resist the influence of environment and maybe, eventually, come up with something unique. Fingers crossed.  

Imagine a world where everyone got something unique, world without any rules how to dress, where budged was no issue and bullies did not exist, where people looked the way they genuinely wanted. So many geeky glasses+red lipstick kits would be thrown out and so many hipster beards shaved… :) Can’t help, but wonder.


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PHOTOGRAPHY by Ieva Gedvygaite
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