Welcome to!

With new year, new things come in. Resolutions, dreams, new ideas and old ones that make a come back to your to do list. Gym clothes, as usual, start to make sense, because “this year is THE year to exercise” and you start to dream big about what is coming up next. I had no doubt about one of the things that just had to be finished - my blog. The idea to start it was around for maybe couple of years, but being damn perfectionist did cost me loads of time figuring out what is the best way to do it. I guess we’re all like that about the things that matter to us.
Et voila! It is finally out!

So what to expect from

Well, my biggest wish is to be able to offer some quality content here. Hopefully. There will be some couture from my atelier, photography, some luxury goods that have stories to be told, some amazing food and beautiful places to visit. I hope one day it becomes a source of inspiration. Fingers crossed. 

Ieva. luxury layout

Photo by Ieva Gedvygaite