David Mallett

Ostrich at David Mallett salon
"Having your hair styled is an incredibly intimate experience. 
I take very seriously the trust that people place in my hands." – David Mallett

If you don’t like to be tourist - do something more “local” at the place you’re traveling to. 

I had two days in Paris last year. Had no plan, but idea to stay in the line to Louvre or Eiffel Tower did not excite me at all. I’ve done it before (ages ago, but still) and two days is not enough even for Louvre, so forget it. I don’t even feel like I’ve missed something if I didn’t do any sightseeing, but rather had a dinner at some very local place - I’m more than happy. This time was no exception and I thought to do something easy, casual. 
My hair were screaming to be cut with it’s horrible split ends and I thought “why not to have a haircut in Paris?”. Yeah, why not?


Now hairdresser is like your dentist - you have one and he is the best at that moment. I have my hairdresser in Lithuania and since in 5 years I was not able to find someone local here in Portugal - I was fine with having haircut whenever I had time in Lithuania. Every… well.. year, maybe.

If you wish to change - you only consider someone that is known for his craft.

I do not remember how I came up with the name, but my choice was David Mallett. Some say he’s the best hairdresser in Paris, so you cannot go wrong. His clientele is filled with celebrity names from Kate Winslet to Naomi Campbell, he has a salon with team of greatest hairdressers, most sought-after colorists and stylists and even his own hair product line. I do not know how, but with one week notice I managed to get a place in one of his team hairdresser’s - Etienne - schedule. I guess it was meant to be.

Le Salon.

I arrive at the place 10 minutes before. Walking the street and looking for any sign of the Salon. None. I check the number of the house and there it is - now I see a small golden plate with “David Mallet” written on it. It is really private, you have to ring the bell to get inside, no random people could ever find the place by accident. The salon is actually a spacious, 17th century apartment with wooden floor, high ceilings, big windows and stunning interior details like this giant stuffed ostrich in the middle of the room. I meet Etienne - Lenny Kravitz looking guy with gorgeous afro hair and then I know that if he decides to shave my head today - I don’t think I can argue. Rapunzel’s hair is in the right hands. 

The atmosphere is really cozy there, no noise, fireplace of the left side, terrace outside (just in case you feel like having coffee), and David Mallett right behind us, giving a haircut to his client. We all share a random conversation about Portugal, Paris, Fashion weeks and… our dogs and it does not feel like I am here for the first time. I leave the place happy with shiny, healthy looking hair. Fringes made a come back!

Thinking of adding David Mallett Salon to the “must do” list every time I am in Paris. 

By the way, another reason to love the city - they allow your dog inside(as far as I saw) any store! Imagine my weimaraner Kenzo waiting for me while I try on some Jimmy Choo’s. Would never happen here.


Haircut from Paris

PHOTOGRAPHY by Susana Chaves
VIDEO from YouTube