Last autumn we travelled to Paris together. She is a great companion and extremely handy when it comes to communication in french ordering croissant for breakfast - she is fluent. Our points of view when it comes to fashion are quite different - she is very practical and I am so-so: I like my camera wrapped in some all-leather bucket bag rather than backpack. The whole trip she was not carrying any handbag with her, all her must-haves were organised in this belt bag she had designed for herself - Busca bag.

Susana. She is a dog trainer, a mother of two cool kids and a great example of one who does not give up and follows her dreams. She is very kind and manages to make a grumpy airport security lady smile, drawing her into smooth conversation which they end up laughing. Even though she is practical, before dedicating herself to dogs, she had been working in fashion industry for many years and has an eye for nice things. She’s always busy, running in her jeans and comfortable top, paired with easy sneakers and her belt bag. Her super active daily routine, that includes dog training, several projects related to that, kids and other things -  all needs a pocket for each. That is how Busca bag was born - out of necessity to have her hands free without compromising on design. It’s a beautiful piece, won’t break your bank account and will not require much care. 

When it comes to portuguese style, being practical is only normal. Every local knows that heels are not meant to be worn on regular Lisbon's pavement - it will ruin it in minutes and you'd wish you wore flats. Same with clothes - people are naturally active here, they like things easy and somehow I feel like Busca bag could become a real hit for morning coffee break, for ultimate summer festivals (if you throw your hands in the air like you just don't care) or cozy dinners with friends - I totally see it.


PHOTOGRAPHY by Ieva Gedvygaite


Constança Chaves

Constança Horta e Costa
Carolina Carnac de Freitas
Mafalda Brazão Santos
Mafalda Branquinho da Fonseca
Mafalda Bento
Rita Albuquerque


Caju - the German Shepherd